Poultry: The pHresh Line

The versatile poultry processing solutions provide superior microbial protection.

PoultrypHresh: Our Unique Proprietary Blend


PoultrypHresh™ is a multi-purpose, liquid additive designed to provide poultry processors with a flexible, reliable and effective means to prevent the dangerous and costly outbreak of harmful microorganisms such as salmonella and campylobacter.  Its versatility provides numerous opportunities to mitigate pathogen risk for both salmonella and campylobacter at multiple intervention points. This flexibility and reliability stems from PoultrypHresh™'s patent-pending technology, which allows for implementation along intervention points from the start at scalder to end with secondary processing.




OxypHresh & BasicpHresh: A Complimentary Array of

Poultry Treatments


OxypHresh™ and OxypHresh 22™ are approved PAA treatments for poultry and other food applications.  OxypHresh™ is approved for use in post-pick applications to the chiller to provide shelf life extension and pathogen control.  BasicpHresh™ is a sodium hydroxide solution that enables a poultry processor to create a pH shock through their biomap to reduce pathogens.


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Product Benefits


     • Superior microbial control

     • Multiple letters of no objection from

     • USDA & Health Canada

     • Effective at multiple intervention points

     • Solely comprised of GRAS ingredients


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